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Welcome to the SOS-SRF auction site. The spring auction will run from noon on Sunday, April 27 until 9:00 PM EDT on Saturday, May 3. The money raised through our auctions is used to help Siberian Husky Rescue groups with extraordinary medical expenses. Please visit the rest of our site to read the stories of the dogs we've helped.

We accept payment by cash, cheque or through PayPal so international bidders are welcome. Payment information is given with each auction item. Shipping is donated on some items; other items require payment of shipping.

The auction is run using our own homegrown auction application and you must register to bid. You can register by clicking on the link on the left. If you would like to make a donation or have any questions, please contact for safe senders' list.

Note to Comcast clients - Comcast frequently blocks messages from the auction server during the auction so you may not receive outbid notices. You can try adding for safe senders' listto your safe senders' list.

Auction items will be listed for preview the week of April 20 as I add them (although some may show up sooner). Details including numbering may change before the auction goes live. No bidding until the 27th!

** These items have a reserve that has not been met.

Item Brief Description High Bidder Bid
1  **Husky Quilt  
3  **Glass Drop Paperweight  
4  "You Make My Heart Smile" Pillow  
5  **Sterling Silver 6-dog Sledding Pin  
6  **Siberian Husky Tote Bag  
7  Doug Lindstrand Print  
8  Cool Bed III  
9  "Crystal Sovereigns" Collectible Sculpture  
10  **Masquerade Print from 2001 National Specialty  
11  Karen Ramstead Iditarod Memorabilia  
12  Pair of Quilted Pillows  
13  Ice is Nice (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)  
14  Autographed copy of Loose Screw  
15  Diet Book and Traches and Treats  
16  Paws for Summer  
17  Cookbook and Dog Spatulas  
18  Photo Frame, Kong and UConn PEZ Dispenser  
19  Autographed Iditarod 2014 Poster  
20  Iditarod 2014 T-shirt Autographed by Karen Ramstead  
21  Autographed Jon Van Zyle's Alaska Sketchbook  
22  Jolt Paperweight  
23  Wooden Plate with Huskies  
24  Framed Print of Monadnock Huskies  
25  Siberian Husky Salt and Pepper Shakers  
26  JAAG - Stuffed Husky  
27  Husky and Butterfly Print  
28  Husky Head Slim Bag or Purse  
29  Pillow with dog saying  
30  "Alone Across the Arctic"  
31  Wolf T-shirt  
32  "Siberian Huskies for Dummies"  
33  Dog and Cat Food Bowls  
34  Moose and Pine Tree Candle Holders  
35  "Running with Spirits" DVD  
36  Iditarod Dog Harness  
37  Coffee Package - Mug, Coffee - 2 lots  
38  Arctic Wolf Tie  
39  American Flag with Wolf in Native Motif  
40  National Geographic Wolf Cub Book Cover  
41  Siberian Husky Socks  
42  Siberian Husky Travel Mug  
43  Pen and Ink Drawing Commemorating 1978 Yankee Specialty  
44  Figurine of Howling Husky - 1986  
45  Figurine of Howling Wolf Pup - 1992  
46  Old Friends: Great Dogs on the Good Life - Book  
47  Scrimshaw Salt and Pepper Shakers  
48  Suncatcher  
49  Magnet Set 1  
50  Magnet Set 2  
51  Plate, Badge and Glass File  
52  Northwest Territories Poster  
53  General Dog Books (Old)  
54  Dog Show Books (Old)  
55  Dog Physiology Books (Old)  
56  Dog Naming Books (Old)  
57  Obedience Training Books (Old)  
58  Koehler Method of Training Books (Old)  
59  Jingle and Bell (Hallmark Ornaments)  
60  Nationals 2013 Henley Shirt - L  
61  Three Wolf Statuette  
62  Two Wolf Heads Statuette  
63  Pair of Jon Van Zyle Mugs  
64  Siberian Husky Earrings  
65  Wolf T-shirt or Sleepshirt  
66  Welcome Banner  
67  Tiny Pewter Mushing-related Items  
68  Dogged and Determined - the Taz Adventures  
69  Pisano's Siberian Huskies  
70  Autographed Copy of Step-Hobble- Step  
71  Purina Show Bag - SHCA 2012 Nationals  
72  Turquoise Necklace and Earrings  
73  Painting - Baxter's Starry Night  
74  Tibetan "Heaven's Eye" Necklace  
75  Turqouise, Steel and Wolf Head Necklace  
76  Siberian Husky Webkinz  
77  Canned Wolf Pup  
78  "Husky Love" Plaque  
79  Moon Face Earrings  
80  Bear Claw Necklace and Earrings  
81  Cross Necklace  

More items to come!